Vlad and the Great Fire of London Activity Book

In 1666 Vlad the flea and their friend, Boxton the rat, got caught in the Great Fire of London as it spread across the city. There isn’t much Vlad doesn’t know about the fire, the people and London, but how much do you know?

Test yourself with puzzles and games … but don’t get singed.

This is the companion book to picture book Vlad and the Great Fire of London and is available from Amazon.

For a list of the activities in the book see below:


  • The Great Fire numbers – fill out the information, putting the correct number into the sentences.
  • Dot-to-dot.
  • What’s wrong? – identify the objects that could not have been in a room in 1666.
  • Who am I? – five people who saw the fire give a clue to their identity. Unscramble their names from the letters given.
  • The Fire Game – a board game with counters and a dice to make.
  • Colour in the fire scene.
  • Boxton is trapped! – help Boxton escape from Pudding Lane through the maze of streets to the fields.
  • Easy bread rolls – a simple recipe to make your own bread.
  • Acrostic – answer the clues to spell a phrase.
  • Fire wordsearch – find all the hidden fire vocabulary.
  • Vlad the flea and Boxton the rat finger puppets to make.
  • Londoner finger puppets – firefighters with moving arms.
  • Fire facts and answers to the quizzes.