History Mystery #4

This might be an unusual angle, but this is a fanoos.

What is a fanoos you ask?

Florence Nightingale is often known as the lady with the lamp, and this is the lamp. A fanoos is a Turkish lamp that collapses down flat when not being held or hung up. It was the light Miss Nightingale carried as she walked the 3 miles from one end of Scutari Hospital to the other. This year is designated the UN Year of the Nurse and Midwife as it is the bicentenary of Florence’s birth in 1820 and today her principles of cleanliness and hygiene are as important to us as ever.

To see more objects from Florence Nightingale’s life visit the Florence Nightingale Museum website.

To hear Kate reading Vlad and the Florence Nightingale Adventure Picture Book visit the Reading Riddle Facebook page.

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