History Mystery #3

Today’s image is connected with Vlad and the Great Fire of London which Kate read live on Facebook today. It is something that would have been a very common sight to all householders in London and the rest of the country.

This is wattle and daub.

In 1666, and for many, many centuries before, this was the technique used to build walls in houses. The lattice of sticks (wattle) was covered with a sticky mixture of mud, clay, straw and sometimes other materials such as animal poo (daub)!

Once the daub was dry it would be painted with white lime paint which gave the houses their distinctive look. Unfortunately the tarred beams and wattle and daub walls made the houses very flammable. After the Great Fire of London the houses were rebuilt with clay bricks.

This great piece was made by a pupil at Chew Stoke Primary School as part of their project work – what a great way to bring history to life.

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